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Management Ph.D. Program
University of Mississippi

Academic Information

Students typically complete the core curriculum in two years. Along with core courses, students can take elective courses, allowing them the opportunity to tailor the program to their specific interests and better prepare them for their dissertation research and careers afterward.

Degree Credit Requirements

  1. Complete at least 54 credit hours (3 years) of approved courses beyond the bachelor’s degree, or a minimum of 40 credit hours of approved courses numbered 600 or above, beyond the master’s degree
  2. Have completed a minimum of 36 hours (2 years) of graduate study at the University of Mississippi
  3. Have completed a minimum of 18 hours of dissertation credit
Core Management Curriculum – 12 Hours Required
BUS 667: Global Business Strategy
MGMT 673: Seminar in Human Resource Management
MGMT 676: Seminar in Organizational Behavior
MGMT 6979: Theoretical Foundations of Management
Research Methods and Statics – 15 Hours Required
BUS 660: Research Methods I
BUS 661: Research Methods II
BUS 662; PHAD 780; PSY 703; MATH 575: Statistical Methods I
BUS 663; PHAD 781; PSY 704; MATH 576: Statistical Methods II
BUS 664: Statistical Methods III
Professional Seminar – 4 Hours Required
Dissertation Coursework – 18 Hours Required